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Job Portal script is a very strong and reliable online solution which intends to save a lot of your time, money and effort. This online solution is built in such a manner that it will boost your online business. The job portal script is written using PHP language which is the most reliable and easiest source of code, so it makes the portal very scalable. The portal is built after a very deep research and so it comes with so many pre loaded features like different job portal types, free installation and option to list for free or with charges.

For the success of any online portal it is very essential that it should be very user friendly and that is what this portal is about, it has all the desired features with very user friendly interface for the management tasks. The key role of an online portal is to make your business more efficient and grow faster, the job portal script focuses in changing your business into more productive and prosperous online business.

Some of the key salient features are mentioned below:

  • Application is built using professional standalone PHP MySQL
  • FREE Installation and after sale support.
  • Property listing and task management has membership packages
  • In Built Content Management System integrated.
  • CRM / Virtual Tour / Bill Expiry Notice / Blogs / Highlights / Maps.
  • Option to attach DOC/ PDF or video
  • No hidden charges.

Multi-Language Support.

There are many options that job portal script provides you and let us discuss about some of those features. The portal is designed in such a way that you don’t have to worry much about search engine rankings on major search engines. Your job listing URL can be converted to the most preferred URLs by search engine if your web server has mod_rewrite option enabled.

This portal has built in country database to make it easy for selecting the default country of your website, it works same with the currencies also.

Portal also contains built in zip codes which gives you extra strength for the search. It has Google maps integrated which helps the user to find driving direction to the company’s office. It has the option of unlimited listing for any features like job seeker, job provider, etc. It has built with the idea that the client may not have knowledge of HTML, so WYSIWYG editor is used through which employers can modify their portals without the knowledge of HTML. Like this there are many more features which makes job portal script the best choice for your online portal.


Built-In Features :

  • SEO Friendly Job Listing Detail URL
    helps enhance your search engine rankings on the major search engines. If your webserver has mod_rewrite enable, then you can use this function to convert your job listing detail url into the url that search engine loves.
  • Built In Country Database
    makes it Smoothly for you to choose your default country for your website.
  • Built In Currency Database
    helps you choose your default currency easier. There are about 98 world currencies there.
  • Built In US Zip Code Database
    gives your website the power to do Radius Search. You can import any zip code database for other countries as well.
  • Smarty Technology
    allows you to easily modify the layout without need for PHP knowledge. You will need to understand some html and this is the easiest thing for you.
  • Integrated Google Maps
    allows your visitor to find the driving / map direction to a company main office easily. Google Maps may only be available for several countries that are covered by the map technology.
  • Built In WYSIWYG Editor
    help you enhance job listing descriptions without even the need to know HTML forever. Employers can add tables, choose custom color, change the font size and type very easily.

Accept Online Payments:

  • Integrated Paypal Payment Module
    You only need to put your paypal email address in the Website Properties.
  • Integrated 2CheckOut Module
    You only need to put your 2CheckOut Store Number in the Website Properties and setup your 2CheckOut Account Settings.

Create Anything You Like …

  • Unlimited Administrators
    You add as many limited or full access administrators. Administrators with limited access will only able to help with approval process ..
  • Unlimited Employers / Companies
    Job Portal helps maximize your profits by allowing you to have as many employers as you want.
  • Unlimited Jobseekers
    Job Portal can handle unlimited jobseekers data as long as you have enough webspace storage and database.
  • Unlimited Jobseeker Photos
    Your website can handle as many photos as long as your webserver space and mysql database allows.
  • Unlimited Jobseeker Documents
    Your website can handle as many downloadable documents as long as your webserver space allows.
  • Unlimited Look Up Data
    You can add as many look up data as you want. Look Up Data includes discounts, countries, month names,company types, company sizes, etc …

What Your Visitors Will See …

  • Improved Design for
    The interface is designed to make sure the easiest interaction between employers, jobseekers and visitors …
  • Google Maps
    Now Job Portal supports Google Maps to give better direction to the prospective buyers…
  • Zip Code Radius Search
    Using the latest geographic and arithmetic calculation, Job Portal now makes it Smoothly for prospective visitors to search using zip / postcode radius.
  • Improved Search System
    Tthe search system now allows to search by zip radius, by city, country and by desired salary range. And search results are now able to be sorted the way the user wants it ..
  • Browse Jobs By Categories
    Visitors can now browse jobs by categories. Within each categories, they will find the featured jobs and the other jobs as well.
  • Browse Jobs By Location
    Visitors can now browse jobs in the location they live. Example: if a visitor lives in California, he / she can also browse jobs that are available in California.
  • Browse Jobs By Companies
    Visitors can now browse jobs from popular companies.
  • Informative Job Detailed Page
    The Job Detailed page gives all information about a job that a visitor may want to know ..
  • Improved Print System
    It is now very Smoothly to print a job listing into a paper, it is just a single click away now …
  • Built-In Favourite System
    Visitors can now add job listings into their favourite jobs list for future reviews …
  • Performance Increase
    Now with the use of built-in caching technology, Job Portal loads much faster than previous version.
  • New Resources Section
    You can now provides more guides or tips and tricks such as “How to ask a salary increase?” article for your visitors.
  • HOT / Featured Job Listings
    The homepage will now display all of your featured job listings (chosen from the admin panel).
  • Built-In Language System
    You can now translate the whole website into another language such as Spanish, Greeks, French and others …
  • Smarty Template Technology
    Supported by the newest SMARTY technology, you can easily edit the template files to change the layout.
  • Right Click Protection
    Now, users / visitors cannot right click to save pictures from your website..
  • Accepts multiple currencies
    You can choose which currencies you want to use.
  • Improved Automatic Watermark
    helps you protect your listings photos from being stolen by unauthorized parties..
  • Improved Automatic Photo Enhancement
    makes it Smoothly to setup how your photo should look. You can choose the dimension of the photo and other properties as well.

Smoothly To Use Employer Panel …

  • Pay-Per-Job and Pay-Per-Month Packages
    Job Portal supports both pay-per-month packages and pay-per-job package.
  • Discount Codes
    helps you to attract the employers by giving them a percentage discount for their job listings / subscription fees.
  • Smoothly To Use Company Profile Update Tool
    makes it Smoothly for employers to update their current profile.
  • Smoothly To Use Jobs & Resume Management Tool.
    Employers can now manage their job listings very easily within the employer account panel.
  • Smoothly To Use Resume Print Function.
    Employers can now easily print the candidate’s resume online.
  • Smoothly To Use Transaction History Section.
    The improved transaction history section makes it Smoothly for employers to see their past transactions.
  • Smoothly To Use Subscription Section.
    Employers can now manage their own subscription easily, they can upgrade or renew their subscription anytime.
  • Smoothly To Use Registration Form
    gives your employers the easiest way to join your website.
  • Smoothly To Use Password Recovery System
    Employers can recover their username and password by entering their email address in the Password Recovery Tool.
  • Smoothly To Use Secured Login Form
    helps the employer protect their private area securely.

Smoothly To Use Jobseeker Panel …

  • Smoothly To Use Resume Building Tool.
    Jobseekers can create their resume easily. The Step-By-Step guide will guide jobseekers adding detailed information about personality, education, job criteria, skills, working history and other information as well …
  • Smoothly To Use Photo Management Section.
    Jobseekers can easily manage photos for their own resume.
  • Smoothly To Use Document Management Section.
    Jobseekers can easily manage document files such as certifications for their own resume.
  • Smoothly To Use Favourite Jobs Section.
    The Favourite system makes it Smoothly for jobseekers to add one or multiple job listings into the favourite section.
  • Smoothly To Use Job Matches Section.
    The Job Matches section will automatically find jobs that match to the jobseeker’s criteria.
  • Smoothly To Use Change Password Tool.
    The new improved system now provides an Smoothly way for jobseekers to change the password online.
  • Smoothly To Use Registration Form
    gives jobseekers the easiest way to join your website.
  • Smoothly To Use Password Recovery System
    Jobseekers can recover their username and password by entering their email address in the Password Recovery Tool.
  • Smoothly To Use Secured Login Form
    helps jobseekers protect their private area securely.
  • Buy Job Portal now and start your own
    E-Commerce Job Portal Website …

Smoothly To Use Administration Panel …

  • Smoothly To Use Web Based Administration Panel
    The web-based administration panel makes it Smoothly for you to manage Job Portal from anywhere and anytime.
  • Smoothly To Use Secure Login Form
    protects your admin panel from unauthorized access.
  • Smoothly To Use Password Recovery Tool
    helps you to recover your admin account instantly.
  • Smoothly To Use Administrators Management
    You can create a new administrator and assign a Limited access to help you approve the listings, photos, etc …
  • Smoothly To Use Website Properties Update Tool
    allows you to edit some website properties such as META tags, META descriptions, default currency, default country, encodings, right click protection, money format and others.
  • Smoothly To Use CMS Pages Management
    makes it Smoothly for you to add, edit or delete pages on your website. The editor is also powered by a WYSIWYG feature to make your job easier when editing the pages.
  • Smoothly To Use CMS Email Templates Management
    enhance the way you interact with users through email.
  • Smoothly To Use Photo Properties Update Tool
    enhance your website by giving you the option to change various photo properties such as dimensions and watermarks.
  • Smoothly To Use Payment Preferences Update Tool
    enables you to choose the payment method you want to use for your website to accept payments.
  • Smoothly To Use Re-Create Cache
    You can re-adjust cache and pictures when you have changed their dimensions. Now it is only a single click away!
  • Smoothly To Use Layout Customization Tool
    provides a really Smoothly way to edit the look and feel of the administration panel.
  • Smoothly To Use Change Language Tool
    helps you translate the whole administration panel completely in one same page.
  • Smoothly To Use Discount Codes Management
    helps you to easily promote the website by giving out promotional discount codes for your employers.
  • Smoothly To Use ZIP Codes Import Tool
    enables your website to use the SEARCH BY RADIUS feature.
  • Smoothly To Use Look Up Data Management
    provides a really Smoothly way to help you manage the unlimited look up data for job listings.
  • Smoothly To Use Fields Editor Update Tool
    allows you to enable / disable the fields for a job listing / jobseeker / employer.
  • Smoothly To Use Jobseekers Management Tool
    allows you to easily manage and search all jobseekers.
  • Smoothly To Use Employers Management Tool
    allows you to easily manage and search all employers and companies.
  • Smoothly To Use Send Mass Email Tool
    makes it Smoothly for you to send mass email message to all jobseekers or to all employers at once.
  • Smoothly To Use Jobs Management Tool
    helps you manage all job listings on your website easily.
  • Smoothly To Use Payment Management Tool
    helps you easily manage revenues for your website.
  • Smoothly To Use Approval Management
    provides better control in managing your website.
  • Smoothly To Use Online Back-Up Tool
    allows you to easily back up your website to prevent data loss in the future.

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