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Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author’s profile page and delivered to the author’s subscribers who are known as followers. Senders can restrict delivery to those in their circle of friends or, by default, allow open access. Users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website, Short Message Service (SMS) or external applications.

Micro Blogging is a growing area in the social networking and mobile blogging industry. Twitter is the fastest growing social networking website at the moment. Jaiku, which is similar to Twitter has been recently purchased by Google for an impressive amount.

Twitter Script Features


  • Active Links in PostsWebsite links users posts in updates are made active links.
  • Post Text UpdatesUsers can post updates in plain text which will be visible of their profile and feeds.
  • Post Picture UpdatesUsers can post photo / image updates which will be visible of their profile and feeds.
  • Auto Link Users Using @UsernameUsers can automatically link to another user’s profile when posting a comment by typing @Username
  • Rss FeedsRSS Feeds of every user’s updates are available for use and display.
  • Recent UpdatesGuests can view a listing of all recent updates, with the ability to sort it to their needs.
  • New MembersGuests can view a listing of all most recently joined users, with the ability to sort it to their needs.
  • PHP5 and PHP4 Full SupportPHP5 as well as the older PHP4 both have full support, extensively tested on both.
  • Encoded PasswordsFor additional security, all user passwords are MD5 encoded.
  • Friend InvitesUsers have the option to invite all of their friends to join, which will help your website grow.

Multi Language Support

  • Easily Add LanguagesAdding new languages to the script is simple! All phrases are stored in one language file for each different language, so you just need to translate one file to add a new language.
  • Pre-Loaded With 3 LanguagesThe script comes pre-loaded with the english, french and spanish language packs. You can simply remove any you don’t want, or add new ones.

View Update Page

  • Post CommentsUsers can comment on updates that are posted on the website.
  • Post RepliesUsers can post replied to updates posted on the website.
  • Edit CommentsUsers can edit comments they posted on an update.
  • Edit RepliesUsers can edit replies to updates they posted on the website.
  • Displays Text and Picture UpdatesDisplays both text posts and picture / photo posts, with links to the next post.
  • More User PostsA listing of other posts from the user are displayed.

User Profile Pages

  • Social Networking ProfilesOur advanced member profile pages encourages interactions with other members.
  • Latest User UpdatesThe last updates the user posted are shown, with links to view all of the user’s updates.
  • Profile PictureUsers can upload their own picture, which is displayed on their profile and other user pages.
  • FollowersThe number of follers the user has are displayed, with a link to view all of their followers.
  • FollowingSome of the users the user is following are displayed, with a link to view all of the users they are following.
  • Follow UserUsers can follow or stop following other users. When following they receive updates in their feeds about the user.
  • Add FriendsUsers can add someone they are following as a friend. Friends can view private profiles.
  • Block UserUsers can block other users. Blocked users cannot view your profile, send you messages or follow you.
  • Send MessagesUsers can send messages to other users, which show up on their inbox.

User Home Page

  • User FeedOn a user’s home page, they can filter their feed to display their updates, their update comments, friend updates, follower comments and their updates on friend comments.

User Accounts

  • Add / Change Profile Picture
  • Add / Change User Motto
  • Add / Change User Interests
  • Add / Change User Website
  • Add / Change User First and Last Name
  • Add / Change User City
  • Add / Change User Country
  • Add / Change User Birthday
  • Change User Show Age Setting
  • Add / Change User Gender
  • Add / Change User Password
  • Add / Change User E-Mail Address

User Profile Design

  • Add / Change WallpaperUsers can upload a background picture which is displayed on their profile and other user pages.
  • Tile WallpaperUsers can set tiling of their wallpaper.
  • Show Uploaded WallpaperUsers can set whether or not to show their uploaded image.

User Privacy

  • Public / Private Profile SettingUsers can set their profile to private, where only their friends will be able to view their profile, follow them and send them messages.
  • Block / UnBlock UsersUsers can block users, where blocked users will be unable to view their profile, follow them and send them messages.

E-Mail Alert System

  • Users can set to receive e-mail or not when:
  • They have comments to them
  • They have new messages
  • They have followers
  • They have friend requests

Search System

  • Search UpdatesUsers can search through all posted updates for public profiles.
  • Search Channels (Users)Users can search through all user’s usernames.


  • Easy AdsWith our easy ads system, adding an advertisement to the site is made simple and can be controlled through the Admin Panel.


  • Create Multiple AdministratorsNow administrators no longer have to share one login and password. Multiple administrators can be added.
  • Encoded Administrator PasswordsFor additional security, all member passwords are MD5 encoded.
  • CustomizationAdministrators can customize every aspect of the site to suit their preferences, including the website name, short name, website e-mail, e-mail sender, updates per page, home posts per page, new members per page, search members per page, search updates per page, rss results per page, maximum characters per update, user updates posts per page, users following posts per page, users followers posts per page and recent updates posts per page.
  • Image CaptchaAdmins can enable or disable the image confirmation system.
  • View Edit DeleteAdministrators can view edit or delete updates, messages and members.
  • AdvertisementsAdministrators can edit advertisements that appear throught the website.
  • Static PagesAdministrators can edit all of the static pages on the website such as the Terms of Use, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and About Us

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